Born in 1983, Susan Mortensen Turley lived 25 years with her family – while making friends across the world.

A star athlete at Corona del Sol High School and the University of Arizona, Susan was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer shortly after her marriage and passed away less than 5 months later.

Through her brief fight with this disease, she continued to learn more about the meaning of life, the power of love and the importance of faith.

Each year in the United States –

  • 70,000 young adults are diagnosed with cancer
  • 10,000 of these will die (7 times the mortality of childhood cancers)
  • Survival rates for young adults have not improved since 1975

The young adult cancer patient and their families have unique needs. The overwhelming nature of a cancer diagnosis can shatter dreams and create seemingly insurmountable challenges with relationships, young children, and put school or career plans on hold.

To provide some relief, the Susan Mortensen Turley Foundation sponsors One Weekend Away – a no-cost, restful weekend for these patients and their immediate family in a setting where, for a few days, they can escape their all-consuming pressures and enjoy a peaceful surrounding.

The Foundation also supports community minded students in their education with ongoing grants.

Our vision is that by providing this service, the quality of life for these individuals will be strengthened and enhanced.

We can’t cure their disease, but we can provide relief and support during their battle.

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