I’ll Never Give Up and Never Lose Hope
This motto, along with my love for my family and positive thoughts, has kept me going since 2008. My name is Elisa and I was 27 when I found out I had cervical cancer. It’s been a rough five years.
The roller coaster started 6 months after my precious son was born. It caught my family and me totally off guard and was especially difficult for my mother and husband. What made it even more difficult was my brother had recently passed away. My life quickly and dramatically changed from being a new mother happily caring for my new son, to doctor’s appointments, chemo and radiation sessions every week for 7 months. These sessions made me really sick and I was hospitalized frequently. After this regiment of treatments I was thankfully in remission.
On top of all of this, my mother passed away, my cousin lost her battle with cancer, and my daughter was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. That was a tough time for us.
Everything seemed to be going okay but in October of 2012, I could tell things just weren’t right and my body was telling me so. After many doctors appointments it was discovered my cancer had reappeared and the whole routine started again. Six months of chemo this time. My family has always been so supportive. I appreciate all my husband does when I’m sick. He works so hard to help our family do all the things I sometimes can’t do. In fact, when my long beautiful hair, which was past my waist, began to fall out from all my treatments I finally gave in and had my head shaved. My husband, father, brother, and my sons joined me and we all shaved our heads together. I’ve learned it’s really true that hair doesn’t define who you are.
It’s 2013 now and unfortunately I’m in the fight again, for the third time. I had surgery on May 8 and I’m waiting for the doctors to tell me what the plan is. I’m leaving it in God’s hands to guide the doctors and me.
A couple of weeks ago we had our One Weekend Away at the Arizona Grand Hotel in Phoenix. It was amazing and I loved seeing my kids so happy. They didn’t want to ever leave the waterpark and are saving their money so they can go back! We had such a wonderful time and appreciate this experience and my doctor who nominated me.
I choose to stay positive in all of this. I’ve been a fighter all my life and I will continue to do all I can to fight this disease. I will never lose hope and I will always have faith! I am not alone. God is with me always.