Last Summer, I found myself undergoing chemotherapy for colon cancer relapse. I’d had medi-port placement surgery in my chest just a few months earlier. And, I had also undergone hydration and blood transfusion within that relatively short amount of time, too. I was having difficulty sleeping or eating, while trying to adjust to my new lab treatment, at-home infusion pump, and a battalion of negative side-effects. We were still in debt from my original diagnosis, so it was a very dark and uncertain time for us. No, I couldn’t enjoy the warm season at all, then. I was to weak to walk the fairs and festivals. In too much pain to sit at the movies or concerts. And, too sick to eat at barbecues or parties. One of my meds actually prevented me from being able to touch–let alone eat or drink–anything cold. I couldn’t even have ice water.

This Summer, thanks to the Susan M. Turley Foundation, however, my husband and I were able to spend One Weekend Away from cancer, together. It was everything that last year was not for us! From the very time we checked-in to our room, we simply couldn’t believe all that awaited us 🙂 The luxurious suite (no problems sleeping!), the fine cuisine (no problems eating!), ice-cold drinks and frosty desserts (finally!), plus time with good friends we hadn’t seen in months up until then ~ and, all of that, just on the first day. It was more than wonderful–taking in all of the senses again–art displays, street performances, flowers, food trucks, and more still ~ and, that was just the second day 😉 After check-out, we spent the final day of our staycation getaway, at the last afternoon of the festival, followed by a tour of the local Archaeology museum, and stops at a few other favorite spots, which we don’t get to visit nearly enough. Thanks again–not only for our weekend away–but, also for reminding us of who we are, what we love, all we share, and why we continue to fight cancer, together.